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Roll out of the IDEAL-M Campaign

The campaign kicked off on April 1st 2022 and lasted until July 31st 2022. The impact is on the ground in Senegal where billboards, radio shows and news articles in French and Wolof tell the stories of dangerous migration. 
Follow the campaign online. 
And on the dedicated website


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Actions and Reports

The consortium at work behind the project has produced important reports from research necessary for the success of  IDEAL-M


Initial Context and Environment Mapping

Needs assessment analysis of the current environment under which diaspora communities are working within host societies and their interaction with both prospective migrants and local stakeholders

Best Practices

Best practices from all Europe identifying  the best examples useful 
for IDEAL-M: 
 A combination of examples of the bridging concept of diaspora communities as  constructive  players  in initiatives with tangible positive results.

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State-of-the-Art Report

Recommendations useful to develop the outputs of WP2, WP3, WP5. The IDEAL-M state-of-the-art is a  collection of  the findings of the previous tasks and coherent practical advice and examples on the main phases.

Target groups and Communication Channels Assessment

Target audiences assessment formulating a priority list on who the information campaign should target.

Communication channels assessment formulating a list on the most prominent and expcted to be more efficient mechanisms of reaching the relevant target groups.
Draw conclusions and recommendations based on the findings.

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Campaign Impact Analysis

The IDEAL-M awareness raising communication campaign was designed and highlighted the realities of Senegalese community towards migration channels to the European Union. lt explicitly identified the hardships and challenges of prospective migrants from Senegal towards the EU and the role of smuggling networks, as well as legal pathways that can prevent illegal migration.


This document lays the foundation for the constructing of media friendly messages that will be used in both traditional and social media, as a counter-narrative on information received by prospective migrants in Senegal.
Overall it aims to:
-Support diaspora communities in  emphasizing on possible forms of economic activity back in the country of origin;
-Raise-awareness as a method of preventing irregular migration and all the dangers encompass
-Prepare migrants’ organisations and diaspora engaging in effective communication campaigns.

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