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Awareness raising campaign :
the work package 4

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IDEAL-M is composed of 5 Work Packages. Here is an overview of the subject matter of Work Package 4. 

The principal objective:


WP4 aims to deal with designing, producing and launching the awareness-raising campaign of the Ideal-M project. It consists of  6 activities that will produce the required material and activities to transform the information material to messages compatible with the communication channels to be used.


WP4 involves a co-design approach to the creation of the information material, gathering contributions from different stakeholders and finalised by the follow-up of diaspora community representatives.

It is important to note that due to the current global pandemic, activities are delayed but our partners are working in coordination with Senegalese stakeholders to coordinate these activities for the upcoming visit to Senegal.


Specific objectives:


  • Design of informational material covering all aspects of information required for offering a 360° coverage of knowledge

  • Transforming informational material into media-friendly messages

  • Implementing the information campaign

  • Testing the effectiveness of the different channels utilized to reach prospective migrants.


The activities and deliverables of work package 4:



4.1. Collection and control of required information on subject matter

4.2. Informational material workshop

4.3. Creation of communications plan and media-friendly messages
4.4. Creation of information material to be used by CSOs
4.5. Communication campaign execution

4.6. Communications Campaign Impact Analysis.



4.1. Communication Plan (EN)

4.2. Communication campaign impact analysis report (EN)

4.3. Creation of information material (EN/FR + partner languages).


In order to properly implement these activities and results, focus groups are organised between all partners in their respective countries. (add information from the focus group). 


The first focus group highlighted how Senegalese tend to take the western Mediterranean route rather than the central Mediterranean route. 

Migrating, in Senegal,  is a phenomenon related to gender and a certain transition in life (young men). Emphasis was also placed on how visa requirements are a barrier to legal travel. 


The leader of the WP4 is African Media Association Malta, realized in partnership with the responsible partners: Migrafrica, UoP, UAM, PRSD, GFM, EETAA.

Roll out of the IDEAL-M Campaign

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