IDEAL-M provides actual information for people who might be interested in migrating and highlights the potentials for regular migration.

Video 1. La carte bleue européenne
Video 2. Le regroupement familial
Video 3. Le permis unique 
Video 4. La réinstallation des réfugiés

Here you will find short videos (1-2 minutes) presenting the regular channels to enter Europe.

Video 1. The European Blue Card
Video 2. The family reunification
Video 3. The Single Permit
Video 4. Refugee Resettlement
Video 5. La directive sur les étudiants
et les chercheurs
Video 7. La migration légale des ressortissants de pays tiers ? 
La directive relative au transfert intra-groupe
Video 5. Students and Researchers Directive
Video 7. Legal migration of third country nationals ? 
Intra-Corporate Transfer Directive

Discover a new series of video that aims to present programmes that encourage entrepreneurship and job creation in Africa

Diafrik'invest : Un projet pour l'entrepreneuriat

Diafrik'invest: A project for entrepreneurship
Tekki Fii : Développer l'emploi au Sénégal
Un programme pour booster l'emploi au Sénégal
Tekki Fii: Développer l'emploi au Sénégal
A programme to boost entrepreneurship in Senegal
Archipelago : Un partenariat euro-africain pour la formation professionnelle
Archipelago: An African-European partnership for vocational training

The following series will focus on the phenomenon of migrant smuggling.

Several topics will be covered: migrant smuggling networks, corruption, human trafficking, programmes to Combat Migrant Trafficking ...

Le phénomène du trafic de migrants
La professionnalisation du trafic de migrants
COVID-19 : Les passeurs de migrants profitent des restrictions de voyage
Le trafic de migrants :
Que fait l'Union Européenne ?
The migrant smuggling phenomenon
Professionalisation of migrant smuggling
COVID-19: Migrant smugglers are profiting from travel restrictions
Migrant smuggling:
What is the European Union doing?

This video series focuses on the beliefs, false hopes and the drive to succeed that drive young Africans to undertake the clandestine journey to Europe.

The myth of Europe in AFRICA

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