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Roll out of the IDEAL-M Campaign

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

After long months of hard work, the consortium behind the project is proud to announce the kick off of the IDEAL-M media campaign that started in April 1st in Senegal.

The target group are prospective Senegalese migrants and their families, who will get more insights about how travelling irregularly can be dangerous, how much safe routes are available, and even better, the huge number of business opportunities that can be found staying in their lovely home country.

The lead message of phase 1 of the campaign is "YOU ARE HOME".

Senegal is your home and you can create your own Paris, New York, or any other city where you wish to live in staying in your lovely land and shaping it as you wish.

The message in phase 2 of the campaign is A BETTER SENEGAL. Influencers based in Senegal will encouraged young prospective migrants to seek jobs opportunities in their land.

The campaign, lead in French and Wolof will cover the city of Dakar, Touba and Rufisque. The messages are diffused on social media and on the field, with billboards, radio shows, articles in the newspapers, and shout outs by social media influencers.

Another phase of the campaign is the one targeted to the Diasporas in Europe, who were identified as messengers of the prospective migrants still in Senegal. A campaign in English will be for them to recognize and use with responsibility the important role that they can play by giving a real picture of the situation of migration and life in Europe, so young prospective Senegalese migrants are not fooled by smugglers. The campaign will run until July 31st, 2022.

You can follow the campaign on the social media pages: Instagram idealmsenegal

Message from the campaign

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