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Saving lives is the priority

The Ideal campaign targeting prospective migrants from Senegal was concluded on July 30th, with NGOs, CSOs and influencers based in Senegal to counter the narratives of smugglers.

A picture used during the IDEAL-M campaign. A migrants expresses regrets. The campaign ran from April to July 2022

The campaign was in French, English & Wolof.

IDEAL-M project aims to raise awareness about the dangers of irregular migration and misinformation about the journey to Europe and the opportunities for legal migration to Europe. It focused on Senegal as a country of origin.

The objectives are

  • To highlight the potentials for legal migration and to provide actual information for those people who might be interested in migrating, through mobilisation of diaspora communities already settled in Europe.

  • To develop a counter-narrative in a wider range of media through campaigning and use of digital media and local press.

In Senegal, local NGOs roamed beaches and sport events to diffuse the project. Four young Senegalese prominent influencers based in Senegal joined the campaign. Four dedicated social media pages were created to spread the word about the actual lives of migrants in Europe, away from the fake pictures spread by smugglers.

In Malta, we used the publicity materials to sensitize our networks, raising the fact that saving lives matters.

You can make use of all the material produced to continue fighting against people smugglers. Saving life is the priority!

We appreciate the European Commission who funded the project up to 90%, and the MaltaGov and Inklużjoni up to 10%. #idealmigration #abettersenegal #idealmeu #Idealmsenegal

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