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Target groups & Communication
Channels Assessment :
the work package 3

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IDEAL-M is composed of 5 work packages. From December 2020, the partners are busy developing the work package n°3. What is it about? 


Main objectives : 


The work package 3 aims to a thorough assessment of the key target groups as well as media channels related to the  project. Under WP3 the consortium analysed the typical prospective migrant from Senegal creating a  series of target groups of the media campaign. 


The work package 3 assesses the different communication channels available for launching the media campaign of the work package 4. Among the communication channels, one also found organizations and structures such as community centres and CSOs in Europe  and in Senegal, that could be used as vehicles of reaching target audiences. However, because  of the health issue  caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, no trips could be done. 


In a nutshell, this work package aims to identify the typical Senegalese that should be targeted by the information campaign and, as a second step, analyse  the different channels available, identifying those that are more suitable for really reaching the target  audiences.

The objectives of this work package are as follows : 

Target audiences assessment formulating a priority list on who the information campaign should  target. 

Communication channels assessment formulating a list of the most prominent and expected mechanisms to reaching the relevant target groups. 

• Draw conclusions and recommendations based on the findings.

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Specific activities : 


For each objective, the program plans several milestones: 


  1. Target audiences assessment


PRSD -Providers of Social Responses to the Development- 

and GMF -The Greek Forum of Migrants- draft a common research design that is focused in relation with Senegalese diaspora communities in all partner countries : Malta, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece. 

This activity allowed the partners to identify a typology of prospective migrants and their main features. In order to succeed in this task, interviews have been realised in each partner country.  

The major targets of those interviews are migration authorities, diaspora communities representatives, and local stakeholders dealing with migrants.


   2.  Communication channels assessment 


MIGRAFRICA provided the framework of analysis of the different communication channels available.  A series of interviews conducted for identifying and evaluating different media and non media channels in terms of the potential effectiveness in reaching target audiences. Targeted interviewees come from the following target groups: 

-Diaspora communities representatives 

-Migrants from Senegal and neighboring countries 

-Media experts 

- Local stakeholders dealing with migrants

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     3.  Information campaign main elements report

MIGRAFRICA incorporated the reports produced during the first and the second part and included recommendations that can  be used to develop the outputs of work packages 4 and 5. 

The Information campaign main elements report collect the findings of the previous activities and present the target audiences and the respective communication channels to be used by the marketing campaign plan to be formulated under work package 4.

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