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IDEAL-M project aims to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal migration and misinformation about the journey to Europe and the opportunities for legal migration to Europe. It will focus on Senegal as a country of origin and identify the migration routes of Senegalese people to Europe.    


The objectives are 

  • To  highlight the potentials for legal migration and to provide actual information for those people who might be interested in migrating, through mobilisation of diaspora communities already settled in Europe.

  • To develop a counter-narrative in a wider range of media through campaigning and use of digital media and local press. 


Empowerment of African Diasporas

IDEAL-M aims to 

  • Support diaspora to function as a bridge between migrants and local population, emphasizing on possible forms of economic activity and economic growth back in the country of origin; 

  • Build networks between relevant stakeholders for source-pooling and engaging diaspora communities as bearers of reality-based information to prospective irregular migrants. 

  • Prepare migrants’ organisations to deal with irregular migration and help diaspora on engaging in effective communication campaigns; 

  • Share knowledge and experiences across partner countries which will increase capacity and awareness of best practices on engaging diaspora communities. 


Speak with Senegal 

IDEAL-M aims to 

  • Create a robust and targeted information campaign towards prospective migrants from

Senegal exposing them to the reality of a decision to embark upon illegally entering the EU.


As a country who has a long history of migration, Civil Society Organisations in Senegal  share their know-how and are actors as 

  • Supporting mechanism for the dissemination of IDEAL-M locally.

  • Participants in the creation of  a wider network with European partners

  • Possible collaborators in a process that will touch upon policy levels. 

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