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The entrepreneurship for all in Senegal : Make Sense Africa.

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Photo by PICHA Stock from Pexels.

Would you like to improve your entrepreneurship skills, start a project, build the future of Senegal ?

Join the Make Sense Africa community !

Make Sense is an NGO of 30 000 citizens around the world. It involves bringing answers about the main social and ecological issues of our century through entrepreneurship. The NGO accompanies senegaleses entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business models for a long term social impact.

Make Sense allows for the growth of competences thanks to a toolbox and training paths offered for free.

You can learn how to involve yourself, collaborate and start an activity to create the Senegal of tomorrow.

The NGO is formed of 1 500 members who help more than 1 800 entrepreneurs across the world.

MakeSense Africa is :

-A community of 100 active entrepreneurs.

-5 000 citizens supported.

-A training program in association with IAM (African Institute of Management) of Dakar.

Get on board ! Get entrepreneurship support, MakeSense free training, to start your dream project and contribute to make Senegal a place of innovation and of a bright future.

The mains innovative programs in Dakar are :

So, would you like to be trained on news competences to integrate the labour market ? Make Sense offer the “def na ko” program.

Would you like to be involved in citizen engagement? The Act for Africa program is made for you.

Find all training and more on Make Sense training page :

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