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Working under Covid19

The COVID19 disease has been declared a pandemic by the WHO, so for months now the world has stopped its normal social activities, its normal daily routine, its normal breath.

Many regions of the world are affected, some more than the others, but in communion, we are in this in the same boat and we feel so much for each other.

We are involved in projects that link us to brothers in Europe, in Africa, and we have a deep thought for them. We wish them to protect themselves well and protect their families, try to keep safe.

We must remain strong and hopeful that things will get back to normal soon, so we can carry on the work that we all do together, support each other, give hope, provide solutions for living conditions improvement, for a better future.

Thanks to the internet, our work that started on January continue. As from April, we have entered another important phase of our project, which is the research that will lead to the state of the art report. Our target groups are Diaspora communities, Civil society organisations and Local authorities. We aim to analyse in which way they articulate their collaboration.

We have complied to the lock down recommendations and are practicing social distancing rules. As such, techniques for gathering feedback from stakeholders such as focus groups have been banned, so we are doing a lot of teleworking and telephone calls.

This part of the project is the WP2, specific activities are:

Research and needs analysis

Identification and analysis of best practices

IDEAL-M State-of-the-art report

Keep safe.

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